Steel Rule Die Cutting

Steel Rule Die Cutting is a converting process that turns stock material into a specific shape or pattern.  Specialized machinery and equipment, form and bend steel rule knives into shapes that can cut a variety of materials.  Pearl can create and provide steel rule dies for customers with die cutting capabilities or offer full-service finishing with custom dies included.  At Pearl Die Cutting all dies are handmade in house allowing for extremely fast turn times.

Pearl Die Cutting offers several different cutting operation capabilities, including:

  • Die Cutting. This process cuts through the material completely. When slicing through the materials each layer will be fully separated from the stock.
  • Kiss cutting. The material’s top layer is cut, but the backing material is left intact. Kiss cutting is often used when creating adhesive labels or stickers, as it cuts through paper and adhesive layers without cutting the backing material.
  • Perforating. The cut edge of the rule is notched to produce specific lengths of cuts and space. Spacing of the perforations can be custom to the product. This allows the part to be separated or folded at the point caused by the perforation.
  • Scoring/Crease. These two processes create an impression or partial cut in the material to aid in the folding of three-dimensional shapes, such as boxes. At the point of score, the material is weakened to increase its flexibility in the intended area, allowing it to fold.

Please contact us with all Steel Rule Die making inquiries!